Sodexo removes foie gras from its menu

Sodexo removes foie gras from its menu

GAIA informs
23 December 2018

A first in the business world

Sodexo Belgium has removed foie gras from the menu. The company made this decision in consultation with the animal rights organization GAIA. "This is a very strong signal from Sodexo," says GAIA Director Ann De Greef. "The priority here has been given to animal welfare, a decision we of course celebrate."

Sodexo Belgium, known as a provider of service vouchers, meal vouchers and community catering services to businesses, hospitals, schools and nursing homes, will no longer be serving foie gras. A first in the corporate world, according to GAIA. "The federal, Brussels and Flemish parliaments had previously banned foie gras from their menus, but at the corporate level, Sodexo is definitely a pioneer," says Ann De Greef. Following on the heels of the ban in Flanders this year on the force feeding for foie gras, this is a new victory for GAIA and for ducks and geese. "Animal welfare is becoming an increasingly important concern for consumers, politicians and businesses alike," adds Ann De Greef. "Sodexo demonstrates that making this kind of business-wide decision is possible."

"Sodexo is opposed to the force-feeding of animals. Respect for animal welfare is important to us and is part of our commitment to corporate responsibility,” says Florence Rossi, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Sodexo Benelux. "For several years, we have been leading an active policy to avoid foie gras and to replace it with animal-friendly alternatives. As of now, we will no longer serve foie gras, and this product will no longer be included in the purchase catalogue for our Site Managers."

A lasting commitment

Since 2007, Sodexo has been very active in the field of animal welfare. In 2008, the company received the "Good Egg Award” for its decision to exclusively use eggs from free-range hens. This action was in advance of the wider trend in the food sector and preceded the entry into force of the law on this subject. Sodexo has also stopped serving meat from surgically castrated pigs and battery-caged rabbits. This concern with animal welfare fits in perfectly with Sodexo's general policy. The company is one of the co-founders of the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GWAC), an initiative taken last October by the food industry to promote animal welfare.

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