GAIA is lucky to be able count on over 80,000 loyal members and donors who support its cause and enable it to pursue its mission: working to achieve greater respect for animals and their welfare. The charity does not receive any subsidies: it depends completely on the generosity of these animal friends!

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Some of these choose to continue making a difference in this noble fight even after their death. We’re infinitely grateful to those who commit towards GAIA’s future and brighter prospects for animals.

In addition to family and friends, you can also include a good cause in your will. 

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Some frequently asked questions about legacies

It is about giving all or part of one's assets to a good cause in order to continue to support its missions after one's death and to give meaning to one's legacy. You decide what you want to pass on and contact the charity's Bequests and Wills department or your notary to include the right cause in your will. Charitable organisations benefit from reduced inheritance tax on legacies.

Globally, there are two forms of wills, the authentic or notarial one, drawn up by your notary, and the holographic will, which is handwritten and signed by you. A notary is not needed to draw up a holographic will, but we advise you to have the content of your will checked by a lawyer to ensure that the wording used is clear and correct.

If you are including GAIA in your will, you should mention the following information:

Our name : Global Action In The Interest Of Animals

Our legal form: non-profit association

Our company number : 0448.077.642

Our head office : Galerie Ravenstein 27 – 1000 Bruxelles

GAIA pays less inheritance tax than other legatees. In the Walloon region, GAIA benefits from a rate of 7%. In Flanders, the rate is 0%. The Brussels-Capital Region applies different rates depending on the type of association. As a non-subsidised association, GAIA is subject to an inheritance tax of 25%.

This is not a legal obligation but it is strongly recommended that you have your will registered by a notary in the Central Register of Wills. This guarantees the information link between the death of the testator and the existence of a will. The Central Register of Wills is not informed of the content of the will but only of its existence and of who has registered it. Registration fees vary between €65 and €100 (depending on the notary).

You always have the freedom to choose your notary. If you do not know a notary in your area, GAIA can refer you to one. GAIA will always respect your wishes and execute your will with the notary you have appointed.

The law determines the heirs and their level: the surviving spouse, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts or cousins. If there are no legal heirs and you have not made a will, your property will go to the state.

GAIA offers to look after the pets of its testators once they pass away. We have a network of caring families who take in the animals in our care and provide them with a loving home and the veterinary care they need. If this is your wish, we would ask you to state this in your will, with the words "I want GAIA to take care of my animals after my death".

Unlike other associations, GAIA does not impose a minimum amount for legacies. Our association does not receive any subsidies and operates solely on the basis of donations and legacies from its members. However, in order to be able to accept a legacy it must obviously remain positive after deduction of inheritance tax and the costs associated with the execution of the will. We therefore advise you to contact your notary or our lawyer who will calculate the costs related to the amount(s) you wish to leave to your beneficiary(ies).

We would be happy to discuss your project with you. We also work with lawyers who can help you and answer your questions. You can request our Legacies brochure by e-mail at or by phone via 02/245 29 50