Recent successes of our Boycot-cot campaign

Recent successes of our Boycot-cot campaign

08 June 2015

Thanks to the staunch support of our members, GAIA's on-going campaign against battery cages for hens won a number of new victories in recent months, thereby sparing thousands of laying hens the misery of life in battery cages.

First off was the statement in mid-April by La William, a renowned Belgian sauce manufacturer. After weeks of intense negotiations and many protest messages sent the company via our website, the family business specialising in sauce and mayonnaise confirmed it will no longer use eggs from battery-caged hens in its sauces sold in chip shops beyond the end of next year. La William has already banned battery eggs from its sauces sold in supermarkets.

In another great victory, the Albert Heijn supermarket chain informed us it will no longer use battery eggs in its store-brand products, marketed as the brand "AH". This decision will apply to all the company’s supermarkets located in Belgium, as of the end of this year. After Colruyt and Lidl, Albert Heijn thus becomes the third supermarket chain in Belgium to use only free-range eggs in its store-brand products.

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