GAIA Summer Tour ended, but not our fight

GAIA Summer Tour ended, but not our fight

GAIA action
23 August 2016

For its annual Summer Tour, from July 26th to August 11th, GAIA staged actions across 11 Belgian cities, to inform the general public in an original way on the suffering endured by dogs and cats used in laboratories for scientific and medical experiments.

Armed with paper forms and tablets, our team of staff and volunteers approached passers-by in order to collect as many signatures as possible for our “Pattition/Pootitie” – indeed one-of-a-kind, since it also collects signatures from our furry, four-footed friends to demand a ban on testing on dogs and cats.

It is clear that an overwhelming number of dogs (and their human friends) wholeheartedly support our petition: in total, 10.000 signatures were collected just during the Summer Tour. In addition, the feedback gathered by our team throughout the summer was also extremely positive.

The campaign

This campaign is based on a report made at the request of GAIA, concerning the use of dogs and cats in animal experimentation in Belgium. It reveals the multitude of statistical gaps in the information provided by the authorities and by researchers on their research projects, most notably insufficient data on the origin of the animals or inadequate responses about the degree of pain and suffering experienced by the animals. Such gaps can only lead to doubt about the validity of evaluations concerning experiments on dogs and cats.

According to official statistics, 1,578 dogs and 120 cats were used in Belgium in 2014 during scientific experiments. By region, this comes to 31 dogs and 30 cats in Wallonia, 8 dogs in the Brussels-Capital Region and 1,539 dogs and 90 cats in Flanders.

Join our action

This important fight to end these painful tests on defenseless sentient beings is a long struggle. We count on you to sign and spread our petition far and wide on!

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