The end of fur farming in Langemark!

The end of fur farming in Langemark!

23 June 2016

The end of fur farming in Langemark!

Last February, GAIA together with sister animal rights organisations ‘Animal Rights’, ‘Bite Back’, ‘Stop Dierenmishandeling’ and ‘Animaux en Péril’ protested in Langemark to demand the closure of the existing fur farm. Undercover footage from ‘Animal Rights’ revealed neglected, injured and shrieking, agonized mink in deplorable conditions in the former brick-yard at Langemark.

At the end of 2012, the owner of the mink farm was granted an environmental permit to expand the farm by the then current minister, Joke Schauvliege (CD&V), notwithstanding a formal appeal submitted by GAIA together with local citizens, and notwithstanding a refusal by the Belgian Conseil d’Etat.

A survey conducted by research bureau IPSOS in 2015, clearly shows that 85% of the Flemish population are in favour of a definite ban on fur farms.

“One mink farm less”, states Michel Vandenbosch, President of GAIA. GAIA, as did the CD&V at an earlier stage, indicates that there is scarce public support of the slaughter of mink for fur.

GAIA will continue to fight for a total ban on fur farming in Flanders. Although the owner of the mink farm in Langemark has decided to cease his activities, 16 fur farms still remain in operation in Flanders today.

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