Good news for laying hens

Good news for laying hens

02 August 2016

The Belgian subsidiaries of Weight Watchers and Aldi have recently pledged to source eggs from alternative farming methods (open air or free range), and have committed to ban the use of caged eggs from their products, as of 2019 and 2020 respectively. Furthermore, this measure already applies to their sourcing of fresh eggs.

By choosing to use free range eggs instead of caged eggs, following their talks with GAIA, Weight Watchers and Aldi thus respond to genuine consumer concern about humane animal products. Although the implementation may not be imminent, this is a reality of the business world as regards long-term commitments with suppliers.

The battle’s not over yet!

It is estimated that about one third of egg farms in Belgium still use cages for laying hens. This system obviously does not allow the hens to satisfy even their most basic behavioural needs.

Although to date, all Belgian supermarkets have renounced the sale of fresh battery eggs, there are still many food brands and restaurants that continue to use battery eggs in their processed products, such as biscuits, pasta, desserts and ready-made meals. GAIA urges these brands and companies to take the bold step of sourcing eggs from alternative farming (open air or free range).

While we wait for the gradual disappearance of caged eggs from the marketplace, the consumer can still do his or her part by buying only from those brands having given up battery eggs. (in French)

(photo : Marji Beach/flickr)

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