Slaughtering without stunning: 17 associations demand a ban in Brussels

Slaughtering without stunning: 17 associations demand a ban in Brussels

GAIA action
09 August 2019

The issue of slaughtering without stunning entered the fray in the election campaign, despite everything. The debate by candidates in Brussels differed in many respects from that conducted in Wallonia. Recall that the leaflet issued by two Ecolo candidates, in favour of slaughtering without stunning, spoke volumes. To the point of triggering a mini-storm in the media.

But since then... not a word. Not the slightest mention of it in the agreement by the new Brussels Government. As we know, Wallonia and Flanders both decided to ban slaughtering without stunning within their own regions. Brussels Region has not yet reached a decision on the subject. The issue was debated by the previous legislature but the former Secretary of State for animal welfare, Bianca Debaets (CD&V), failed to win over her colleagues in the Brussels Government.

Will this ‘Brussels exception’ end up with the new government caving in? That’s what both GAIA and the Professional Veterinary Union (UPV) hope will happen. In August, GAIA sent an open letter to the Members of Parliament and the Brussels Government. This letter set out 10 good reasons why slaughtering without stunning should be banned.

We reiterated there that compulsory stunning is necessary in order to spare animals unnecessary suffering and distress, which is both pointless and avoidable. Also that the stunning of animals before slitting the throat is not a demand that is motivated by anti-religious or narrow-minded sentiments. Nor does it imply a ban on ritual slaughtering. It merely concerns requiring the most appropriate method of stunning to ensure that animals will suffer as little as possible.

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