Paprika and e5 mode join Fur Free Retailers

Paprika and e5 mode join Fur Free Retailers

05 March 2020

The list of brands and shops that go Fur Free grows longer and longer. e5 mode and Paprika are recent additions to the list. “Consumers are no longer willing to support the suffering of animals,” says GAIA Director Ann De Greef. “Clothing brands are clearly aware of this and ready to take the step to go Fur Free.”

GAIA is the Belgian representative of the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of more than 40 animal rights organisations working on a world free of fur. Together, they continue to make efforts to expand the ‘Fur Free Retailers’ programme by adding new brands and shops. Recently, GAIA was able to convince the e5 mode and Paprika chains to join the list.

Saying No to fur
Olivia Devuyst, Marketing Manager at e5: “e5 has a heart for fashion, sustainable enterprise and animal welfare. For these reasons we say ‘No’ to fur and have subscribed to the ‘Fur Free Retailers’ programme.”

Fabienne Bulteel, Director of Paprika: “Goose feathers are not used in any of our coats, we do not use angora for our jumpers and we opt for organic, ecologically responsible and recycled materials. The well-being of humans and animals is key to our values.”

Animals bred for fur live a miserable life. They live in small cages where they maim themselves, and they are either gassed (minks) or electrocuted anally (foxes) at the end of their lives. Moreover, breeding animals for fur is extremely inefficient and highly polluting. “Reason enough to once and for all banish fur to the past,” explains Ann De Greef. “Society simply no longer supports this practice. Precisely because for the vast majority of consumers, fur represents the misery of the animals bred for fur. What’s more, most people find it unacceptable and irresponsible to kill animals just to make coats and accessories from their fur.” The complete list of Fur Free Retailers can be found on the GAIA app and at

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