Kentucky Fried Chicken signs the Better Chicken Commitment

Kentucky Fried Chicken signs the Better Chicken Commitment

GAIA informs
12 July 2019

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast food chain selling chicken-based products. GAIA initiated discussions since the chain announced its intention to open 150 restaurants in Belgium. KFC decided, in close co-operation, to raise the welfare standards of its chickens.

KFC is the first fast food chain to sign the Better Chicken Commitment, an undertaking supported by the main European animal protection organisations. The chain is committing to end the use of rapid-growth breeds of chicken for its restaurants in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands and United Kingdom, by 2026.

The Better Chicken Commitment comprises six measures to bring improvements in the main animal welfare problems that are raised by chicken-breeding farms. We believe KFC’s commitment will have a positive impact on the lives of around 72 million chickens a year.

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