The ECEAE is calling the EU to “clean up cruelty”

The ECEAE is calling the EU to “clean up cruelty”

GAIA action
01 May 2015

In early March, GAIA’s Director, Ann De Greef (second from right in photo), stood before Britain’s Houses of Parliament to launch our new campaign along with our colleagues from the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE). Brandishing mops and dusters, our demand was clear: that our elected national and European representatives wipe out all animal testing on household products!

Exactly two years after the entry into force of the EU ban on marketing cosmetics tested on animals, we believe that the EU and Member States must expand their efforts to reduce animal testing by including household cleaners in this ban.

Wallonia’s Minister for Animal Welfare, Carlo Di Antonio, responded to our request, namely by committing to ban animal testing for household products in Wallonia. GAIA will closely monitor this process and wishes to be involved as a representative of the vital interests of laboratory animals.

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