Can Aïd el Kébir lead to less animal suffering?

Can Aïd el Kébir lead to less animal suffering?

GAIA informs
01 June 2015

GAIA calls for a comprehensive solution, which would put an end to the animal welfare problems posed the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice in its current form - namely electronarcosis.

The mere mention of the "Feast of the Sacrifice" always spurs lively debate, as can be attested by Wallonia’s Minister for Animal Welfare, Carlo Di Antonio. Mr Di Antonio decided to prohibit all slaughter without stunning in temporary slaughterhouses set up for the event, as required by EU law. Specifically, an EU Regulation explicitly prohibits the slaughter of animals without prior stunning if it takes place outside a certified abattoir compliant with strict standards – such as these temporary sites. GAIA has repeatedly encouraged the minister to implement this decision starting this year, and is closely following developments.

In Brussels however there is no such good news. The Vice-Minister for Animal Welfare, Bianca Debaets (CD & V), announced in May that she would still allow temporary sites this year, on which sheep are slaughtered without stunning, and which are therefore illegal. GAIA condemns this decision. "The Vice-Minister is knowingly breaking the law," says Michel Vandenbosch. "If Ms Debaets refuses to review her decision, we will be forced to initiate legal action to enforce animal protection laws."

Aside from the Feast of the Sacrifice, but still relevant to the issue of slaughter without stunning, supermarket chains Colruyt and Albert Heijn informed us that they will only sell meat (including halal) from animals that have been stunned before slaughter. Our thanks go out to them.

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