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As a result of the unfortunate blockade imposed by the Parti Socialiste (PS), the Brussels government is being forced to postpone the third reading of the draft Animal Welfare Codex, which was prepared by responsible minister Bernard Clerfayt (Défi), yet again. GAIA believes that with this action, the socialist party bypasses the basic concept of democracy. The animal rights organisation calls on all elected PS representatives to change the mind of the Brussels Parti Socialiste.
29 March 2024

Fearing that an amendment to ban slaughter without stunning would be tabled during a discussion of the Animal Welfare Codex draft in Parliament, the PS decided to block the third reading of said Codex yet again.

As a result, all the improvements included in the Codex are in danger of going down the drain. In addition to confirming some regulations already in force, such as the ban on home slaughter, force-feeding for foie gras and fairground ponies, the Codex would also include some new measures, such as a ban on the importation of puppies and kittens, a ban on trade in live /animals at fairs and markets, the introduction of a licence to keep animals, a ban on all animals in circuses, a ban on gassing and culling of chicks, a ban on keeping amphibians, a ban on fireworks, electric collars and glue traps, and the mandatory stunning of squids and lobsters before they are killed.

We are extremely upset about the strategy adopted by the Parti Socialiste on this issue. For fear of being completely isolated when it comes to a vote on unanaesthetised slaughter in Parliament, the PS decided to jeopardise the entire Animal Welfare Codex by their blockade. This text was worked on for two years and was supposed to mark great progress for many animals. All this is now lost... This is an incredibly cowardly political manoeuvre and displays the blatant disrespect of the PS for animals and their wellbeing.

Ann De Greef
Director GAIA

GAIA calls on all elected representatives and members of the Parti Socialiste to speak up and stand up for the animals and, in doing so, also respect parliamentary democracy.