Results to be proud of

Results to be proud of

8 key successes

We have already won some remarkable victories. Some examples:

  1. Our first victories: Legal prohibition of horse racing in the streets and the sale of dogs and cats in public marketplaces.
  2. The closure of several markets where animals suffered routine and abject abuse: the horse market in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, the cattle and horse market in Anderlecht; the conviction of the animal abusers in the Ciney cattle market. These were noteworthy examples of the impact of our hidden camera investigations.
  3. The prohibition of hunting stray cats in Wallonia and Flanders.
  4. The prohibition of keeping wild animals in circuses in Belgium.
  5. The decision of all Belgian supermarkets to stop selling eggs from battery hens. Now 90% of all fresh eggs sold in our country come from animal friendly farms (ground system, free range or organic).
  6. The European ban on trade in seal products. This historic victory against the seal hunt in Canada has helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of seals.
  7. The Flemish and Walloon ban on slaughter without stunning.
  8. The ban on fur farming and force feeding in Flanders.

62,000 supporters

With the staunch backing of our 62,000 supporters, GAIA has been able to achieve significant results for animal welfare and to give a voice to those who usually must suffer in silence. This support is especially important since we still have many more animal rights challenges ahead of us.

GAIA does not receive financial support from any authority and is entirely dependent on membership fees and donations for its animal rights campaigns, as well as on the work of its volunteers.

Please join our 62,000 GAIA supporters and help build a society that protects animals and defends those who cannot defend themselves.