GAIA since 1992

GAIA since 1992

Since 1992, GAIA acts in the interest of the animals and tirelessly advocates for an ever greater protection of all living beings, sensitive to pain and anxiety. Our actions and campaigns against organised animal abuse rarely go unnoticed and reap significant results.


  • Carrefour, Makro, Cora, Match, Colmar and Spar stop selling kangaroo meat. Thanks to the actions of GAIA, no supermarket sells kangaroo meat anymore.


  • GAIA launches a slaughter-free meat campaign
  • Flemish Parliament approves ban on fur farming and force feeding
  • Prada goes fur-free
  • Delhaize stops the sale of kangaroo meat following the launch of the GAIA campaign
  • Best Western puts an end to caged eggs in its products
  • Aosta and Albert Heijn suspend purchase of Latin American horsemeat
  • KFC signs the Better Chicken Commitment
  • Furla goes fur-free
  • Le Pain Quotidien signs the Better Chicken Commitment
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts commits to go cage-free
  • The European citizens' initiative "End The Cage Age" has collected more than 1.5 million signatures, of which 90,313 in Belgium.
  • Continental Foods signs Better Chicken Commitment
  • Brigitte Bardot receives the GAIA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • GAIA presents an award to Willem van Eelen
  • GAIA launches an application
  • FAVV has to pay 8900 euro to GAIA (pop-up slaughterhouses)


  • Domino's Pizza bans the use of caged eggs
  • Versace and Torfs banish fur from their clothing lines
  • Ikea Belgium commits to go cage-free
  • Flemish government adopts ban on fur farms and force-feeding
  • GAIA has more than 50,000 members
  • Walloon Parliament adopts 'Code Wallon'
  • GAIA launches new campaign 'End the cage age'
  • Faux Gras de GAIA celebrates its tenth anniversary
  • Delhaize stops selling kangaroo meat after launch of campaign
  • Sodexo deletes foie gras from the menu


  • Publication of book and documentary DVD on GAIA's 25th anniversary
  • The Flemish and Walloon Parliaments adopt a ban on slaughter without stunning
  • 108.101 signatures (including that of Prince Laurent) to enshrine animal rights in the Belgian Constitution
  • Burger Brands (Quick and Burger King), La Lorraine, Australian Homemade Ice Cream, Ijsboerke, Brussels Airlines, Jacques, Mora, Delhaize (2020), Metro/Makro (2022) decide to use only non-battery cage eggs
  • The Brussels-Capital Region sets a target of a 30% reduction in the number of laboratory animals used by 2025
  • 355,000 tins of GAIA Faux Gras® on sale in 2017
  • The Brussels-Capital Region forbids the force-feeding of animals
  • Breeding of mink for fur is the subject of a legal ban in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Gucci, Michael Kors and VF Corporation stop using fur
  • JBC, LolaLiza and Esencialma join our Fur Free Retailer programme
  • Pamela Anderson supports GAIA in our campaign for a ban on mink farming for fur in Flanders
  • Bob the Street Cat campaigns for GAIA
  • Belgium make mandatory the spaying and neutering of all domestic cats
  • GAIA presents 1,069,715 signatures to the European Commission to put a stop to long-distance transport of live animals
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme and GAIA united for animals
  • Brussels forbids the use of ponies in fairs as of 2019
  • GAIA organises a demonstration of animal-friendlier, quiet fireworks
  • GAIA Education visits more than 12,000 students in nearly 220 schools


  • GAIA wins trial against the ISLAM party for spreading thousands of dishonest pamphlets about illegal home slaughter
  • An end to temporary slaughter sites in the Brussels-Capital region
  • Aldi commits to ensuring that all fresh meat or processed meat products, including halal certified meat, come strictly from animals stunned prior to slaughter
  • Free-range eggs in Lidl mayonnaises and sauces
  • Free-range eggs in the Carrefour brand of mayonnaises
  • An end to caged eggs in Weight Watchers (2019) and Aldi (2020) products
  • A global end to caged eggs by Intercontinental Hotels (2025), Accor Hotels (2020), Compass Group (2025) Elior Group (2025) and Sodexo (2025)
  • Obligatory cat neutering in Wallonia in 2017
  • Bankruptcy of a kennel in Kasterlee: GAIA saves 402 dogs
  • Aldi will only sell pork from non-castrated pigs from 2017
  • The Constitutional Court confirms the ban on wild animals in circuses and the ban on fur farms in Wallonia
  • GAIA and Pamela Anderson in Paris against the force-feeding of ducks
  • 26 tons of Faux Gras® de GAIA distributed
  • 36% decline in foie gras consumption in Belgium in 2015
  • Armani abandons fur
  • Ban on expansion of mink farms at Hulste and Ravels in Flanders
  • 25% fall in global production of mink fur
  • Fur retailer Pelsland goes bankrupt
  • The government of the Brussels-Capital Region bans fur farms
  • GAIA Education: 252 awareness days, 580 classes and meetings with14,900 students in 2015-2016
  • Positive solution for the 69 cattle stuck at the Bulgarian-Turkish border
  • Ministers of Animal Welfare support GAIA’s campaign against long distance transport
  • Delhaize and Aldi stop the sale of horsemeat from Latin America
  • No kill policy for 'surplus' animals at Antwerp zoo and at Planckendael


  • Wallonia bans fur farming on its territory. The Brussels Capital Region is also committed to a ban
  • Virton abandons a proposed mink farm of 18,000 animals
  • The pork served in IKEA outlets and restaurants in Belgium no longer comes from castrated animals (August 2015)
  • The Brussels Parliament and the Federal Chamber prohibit foie gras on their menus
  • Pizza Hut decides to stop using eggs from battery hens
  • GAIA supports the Fur Free Fashion Show in Beijing, China
  • The Catering Federations of Wallonia and Flanders say they are open to foie gras produced without force-feeding


  • 185,000 tins of GAIA Faux Gras are sold
  • The Belgian fashion designer Noémie Flamant abandons her all-fur clothing collection
  • The Flemish Parliament and the Province of Limburg ban foie gras on their menus
  • Lidl announces on GAIA day its commitment to use only eggs from free-range hens in the production of its store-brand products
  • Nearly 10,000 demonstrators joined forces with GAIA to denounce the slaughter of animals without stunning
  • Belgium’s three federal regions each appoints for the first time a Minister for Animal Welfare, none of whom are in any way attached to the Agriculture Ministry
  • GAIA manages to put a stop to the rodeo events at the fair US Dream at Libramont
  • GAIA saves 18,000 laboratory animals under the REACH Directive
  • Exki commits to serve only products made from free range eggs
  • Flemish Minister Joke Schauvliege refuses an environmental permit for a proposed new mink farm in Wervik
  • Lunch Garden commits to serving only products made from free range eggs
  • Massimo Dutti, Zara and Bershka banish fur from their clothing lines


  • Minister Milquet maintains the adoption programme for retired police horses
  • Ban on wild animals in circuses in Belgium
  • Sodexo stops selling meat from rabbits raised in battery cages and from castrated piglets
  • Botox maker Ipsen stops animal testing: A victory for GAIA after many years of campaigning
  • Carrefour stops selling meat from rabbits raised in battery cages
  • Minister Onkelinx bans the castration of piglets; "An appropriate gift on World Animal Day" says GAIA
  • 11,000 hens rescued from life in battery cages thanks to Soubry’s decision to use only free-range eggs
  • The Conseil des Ministres ratifies the ban on wild animals in circuses
  • McDonald's Belgium decides to use only free-range eggs in its products
  • Carrefour, Cora, Match and Champion no longer sell meat from castrated piglets
  • The sale of cosmetics tested on animals is prohibited
  • LU uses only eggs from free-range hens for its products sold in Belgium


  • Butcher Renmans and Makro decide to sell only meat from uncastrated pigs
  • Carrefour opens negotiations with its suppliers so as to use in future only free-range eggs in several of its store-brand products
  • All fresh meat sold in Carrefour, including halal, will be from animals slaughtered with prior stunning
  • No more meat from battery caged rabbits sold at Albert Heijn
  • Delhaize no longer sells meat from castrated piglets
  • Ban on battery cages for rabbits in Belgium
  • Devos Lemmens and Vandemoortele say no to battery eggs
  • Colruyt bans the use of battery eggs in its store-brand products
  • GAIA succeeds in banning a pro-fur advertising campaign


  • 160,000 tins of GAIA Faux Gras are sold
  • Lotus, Dr. Oetker and Hema use only free-range eggs in their products
  • The City of Brussels does not renew its contract with SACPA, a Paris-based company involved in the capture of so-called “vermin.” Thanks to GAIA’s campaign, the un-anesthetised surgical sterilization of thousands of pigeons is no more
  • Allergan announces it has obtained validation of an in vitro method to test Botox, which will save the lives of thousands of mice
  • Lidl stops the sale of all horse meat following investigations carried out by GAIA in Latin America, as well as meat from surgically-castrated piglets
  • Individual cages for foie gras production are prohibited in Belgium


  • A dog breeder and his wife convicted of serious animal abuse are sentenced to pay a fine of 5,500 euros. They are also forbidden to own any animals for three years.
  • Following the example of Flanders, the Walloon government prohibits any form of population control of feral cats by using firearms, otherwise known as cat hunting. The ban comes into force on 1 July 2015.
  • 200 municipalities in Belgium now have programmes for the sterilisation of stray cats
  • Alongside the sale of meat from conventionally-reared battery cage rabbits, Delhaize, Colruyt and Lidl decide to sell meat from rabbits raised in so-called enriched cages
  • Colruyt abandons the sale of meat from castrated pigs, which spares 500,000 piglets the suffering of un-anaesthetised castration
  • Following GAIA’s revelations of the cruelty suffered by horses in Brazil and Mexico destined for horse meat sold in Belgium, all supermarkets stop selling horse meat from these two countries


  • The European Union bans the trade in seal products. Belgium had played a pioneering role by being the first country to take an initiative in this direction thanks to GAIA
  • Carrefour and Lidl sell our ethical alternative to foie gras, GAIA Faux Gras: 30,000 tins are sold over the holidays
  • Dating from 2006, the "positive list" of mammals that can be kept as pets is reviewed
  • 37 Belgian restaurants join the boycott of Canadian fishery products launched by GAIA, in protest against the Canadian seal hunt


  • CenterParcs decides to stop selling meat from castrated pigs in its Belgian and Dutch establishments, starting in early 2009
  • The federal government approves a ban on primate experiments for tobacco products
  • Following GAIA’s report "Do Belgian zoos obey the law?," the competent authorities initiate an investigation, Aviflora improves the housing conditions of its animals and Antwerp Zoo invites GAIA to help it improve conditions
  • GAIA co-organises a demonstration calling for a ban on trade in seal products. Held before the European Commission, the event brings together 1,200 activists from all across Europe
  • Flanders adopts a prohibition on hunting stray cats (effective in 2011). GAIA and other animal welfare organisations had collected a total of 175,000 signatures
  • Copaïba is the first Belgian brand of cosmetics approved by the label "Humane Cosmetics Standard," which guarantees the absence of animal testing
  • All Belgian supermarket chains pledged to stop selling eggs from battery hens: Carrefour, Match, Cora, Champion, Intermarché and Prima joined Makro, Colruyt, Delhaize, Aldi and Lidl
  • The nineteen Brussels communes may receive up to 4,000 euros in annual regional subsidies if they implement sterilisation programmes for stray cats


  • Following Belgium’s example, the EU votes to ban the trade in dog and cat fur
  • The law on animal welfare is reviewed. Particularly controversial judgments such as the scandalous acquittal of the Anderlecht cattle dealers are no longer possible. Bestiality is also expressly forbidden, following the acquittal of a person who sexually abused dogs
  • Belgium becomes the first European country to ban trade in seal products


  • Ban on the production and trade in dog and cat fur, and on derived products
  • The supermarket chains Makro, Colruyt and Delhaize decide to sell only free range eggs


  • For circus animals, the same legal minimum standards as those imposed on zoos must now apply


  • Seven livestock dealers prosecuted for serious violations of the law on animal welfare perpetrated in the Ciney market receive both prison terms and fines
  • Imports of cat and dog fur are limited, as well as seal products


  • A point concerning animal welfare is adopted in the federal government agreement: good animal welfare practices applied in other countries should also be adopted in Belgium


  • Entry into force of the ban on several types of mutilation: ear cropping of dogs, declawing of cats and docking horses’ tails
  • Adoption of a law limiting to 42 those species of animals that can be kept as pets
  • Adoption of an EU Directive providing for a ban as of 2013 on sow stalls during part of gestation


  • Revelations of animal cruelty on the livestock markets of Ciney and Anderlecht


  • Adoption of an EU Directive providing for the prohibition of conventional cages for laying hens in 2012
  • Entry into force of the law on zoos imposing licensing and operating conditions


  • European ban on rearing calves in veal cages as of 2007
  • Ban on racing of camels, ostriches and donkeys


  • Closure of Zwartberg Zoo, and the zoos in Terdonk and Wazoo in Saint-Nicolas in 1999


  • Ban on horse racing in the streets and the sale of dogs and cats in public marketplaces