Fur Free Retailers in Belgium

Fur Free Retailers in Belgium

GAIA informs
17 October 2016

About the Fur Free Retailer Programme

You only want to wear labels who don’t use fur? You are so right! GAIA can help you find fashion that is guaranteed fur-free.

Whether they are trapped in tiny cages or caught in the wild, the wild animals that are killed solely for their fur are treated with cruelty and violence.

As a member of the Fur Free Alliance, GAIA negotiates with major retailers to no longer use or sell fur and to sign the Statement of Assurance of the Fur Free Retailer Programme committing, in writing, to a no-fur policy. This programme provides consumers with information about the fur industry and allows them to make an informed choice when shopping.

By consulting the Fur Free Retailers list, consumers can find out where they can shop without being confronted with animal fur. Those labels are sold either in a brandstore, a multibranded store or online.

The programme does not cover all animal products, only fur. Companies listed here may have products that contain leather, wool or other materials from animals.

Become a Fur Free Retailer Today

The International Fur Free Retailer programme makes simple the task of communicating your company's ethical business choices to the millions of consumers who care about animals. There are no costs or fees. Retailers are simply asked to commit in writing to not sell any fur or fur trim items by signing on to the "Retailer Statement of Assurance," available upon request.

The programme is supported and endorsed by the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of leading animal and environmental protection organizations that represent millions of supporters worldwide and for which GAIA is the Belgian representative. For more information, please contact us through our contact form.

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